Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jack Newman - A Great Breastfeeding Resource

For my DONA reading list, I read The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers by Jack Newman. His writing style makes the book easy to like; there were chapters where it was hard for me to put it down. He writes with a refreshing perspective, very realistic but not without a sense of humor. I have to admit that when I bought the book, I was a little hesitant because the author is a guy (and obviously hasn't breastfed any children). After having read it, I can say that I don't think he is at all handicapped by his lack of personal experience in this situation. The man is extremely well-educated about all aspects of breastfeeding.

He is very supportive of breastfeeding, even in situations where I've heard "breastfeeding educators" sound hesitant to recommend breastfeeding.

Here are some great quotes from his website:

"The mother can take some alcohol and continue breastfeeding as she normally does. Prohibiting alcohol is another way we make life unnecessarily restrictive for breastfeeding mothers."

"It would be better if the mother not smoke, but if she cannot stop or cut down, it would be better to smoke and breastfeed than smoke and formula feed."

"Women who are trying to do the best for their babies should not be forced by other people's hang-ups or lack of understanding to stay home or feed their babies in public washrooms."

Tonight, when I was looking for information on how to tell when baby is getting enough milk, I came across his website, with lots of helpful video clips:

Newman's Breastfeeding videos

There are clips on what it looks like when the baby has a good latch, identifying a poor latch and how to tell when baby is suckling well.

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