Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good networking day today!

Today was what I would call a successful day. I talked to the events coordinator at the Dewitt Community Library about hosting a showing of The Business of Being Born and a discussion. She seemed very interested in possibly having several birth related events at the library. I think I'm going to enjoy working with her.

Left a message for the lactation consultant at Community General Hospital to see if I can sit in on their breastfeeding class (so I can get my DONA breastfeeding paperwork signed). I also left a message for the CNY Breastfeeding Connection group.

I'll be attending the La Leche League meeting in Manlius on April 12th. Hopefully, I'll make some good connections there.

- Liz

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Blog!

Hello blog visitors!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Liz Baer and I am a DONA trained doula in the Syracuse, NY area. I attended the DONA birth doula workshop March 6-7 this year and am ready to start supporting women and their families. I've wanted to be a doula for years, but always had a nursing baby around.

My husband Tim and I have four children: Patrick (9), Delilah (6), James (4) and Benjamin (2). All four were natural births. Patrick was born in a hospital with a CNM. Delilah and James were both born at freestanding birth centers with a CNM and Benjamin was born at home with a CPM.

Birth has been something that I've always been interested in. I was the kid in high school who said she wanted to be a midwife. Most of all, I desire to help every woman have an empowering, satisfying birth experience.

You can reach me at 443-690-6212 or I attend births in Syracuse, NY and the surrounding area.