Friday, July 9, 2010

Tattoo Marketing

"I love your tattoo! Did you get it when you were pregnant?"

"Actually, I got it because I'm a doula."

"A what?"

"A doula. I help moms when they're having a baby, during labor. Pretty much whatever they want me to do, like rubbing their feet or making a sandwich."

"That's cool. What a great job."

The tat in question is new. I got it the last week of June, when Melissa kicked Tim and I out the house and watched the kids for us. I showed the tattoo guy the picture from my doula facebook page and told him that I wanted it to be an outline, like my nursing mom tat. I'd been wanting to get it done for a while, and after I had it I felt like I had finally gotten something that had been missing.

What I didn't think of is the tattoo being a conversation starter, since I'm generally pretty covered and it's on my back. But yesterday, I was at the kiddie pool at the East Y with James and Ben while Patrick and Delilah were having their swim lesson, so I had on a tank top and a shorter skirt. Since the lady saw my tattoo and liked it, I got to talk about my doula work.

Lesson: I need more tank tops.


  1. Your new tattoo looks great and you have taken the promotion of your services to a new level. Very cool.

    Cynthya (An Atlanta Doula)