Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Things for Valentine's Day

Random Things for Valentine's Day:

#1- Just Do It. Meet the author in the beginning of the book, talking to his wife about these poor men he's read about who haven't had sex for 100 Days and have even formed "100 day clubs." His wife responds by suggesting that they do the opposite and have sex for the next 100 days. Being married parents, there are days that they are tired or don't feel like it, but they do it anyway.

#2- The MDC "Parents as Partners" forum- While I've found that the ladies here tend to jump to "you should leave him" faster than I would like, I have seen good relationship advice posted before:

#3- Chocolove!- It's chocolate! It's love! It's Chocolove:

#4- BirthWorks- I'm working on my Childbirth Educator certification through BirthWorks. They talk a lot about oxytocin at the training, which we all know is the hormone of love:

#5- Mennonte hymns. A few months ago, our family went to a Mennonite wedding. They sand the song "Will you let me be your sevant?" and washed each other's feet. I got a little teary.

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