Friday, March 11, 2011

Super HomeschoolDoulaMom!

I feel like this week I managed to strike a really good balance with homeschooling, work and everything else I try to get done.

Here is what our Monday looked like:

8am- Helped dh shovel the driveway so he could get to work. Stupid snow. Put clean dishes away. Flipped the laundry and started another load. Took 3yods to the potty. Made kids pb&j sandwiches for breakfast. Washed a load of dishes. Straightened up around the house a little bit.

10am- Finally ate breakfast myself. Helped 10yods with math and Latin. Answered emails.

11am-1:50pm- Out of house. Went to the Y and sent the kids to the playroom so I could work out, read about sixty pages of Birth Matters by Ina May Gaskin between the elliptical and the stationary bike. Stopped at the library and the grocery store.

2pm- Took a call from a reporter for the "In Good Health" newspaper. Called a doula from our group to let her know. Made lunch. Talked 10yods and his friends into shoveling the rest of the driveway. Baked cookies for them and all of the kids. Called local hospital to set up tour/interview with a l&d nurse for my BirthWorks certification project. Did math with 5yods and 7yodd. Did spelling and grammar with 7yodd. Put clean dishes away. Swept dining room. Checked 10yods' lesson from Saxon Math 6/5. Got paperwork ready for tonight's appointment.

5pm- Went to the bank to get dh gas money. Had first appointment with new doula client from 6-7:15pm. Hired! Stopped at Barnes&Noble and bought Hypnobirthing book.

9pm- Got home. Talked to another doula from our group on the phone. Ate my dinner.


In history this week, we read Story of the World ch. 20 and Patrick and Delilah read a couple of library books about Ancient Greece. The kids also watched two episodes of "Liberty's Kids."

In math, Delilah did lessons 2-4 in CLE Math 206. Patrick did lessons 34-36 in Saxon Math 6/5 and James did one lesson in Saxon Math 1.

Delilah has been working on Growing With Grammar 2 and Soaring With Spelling 2. I only did one lesson from Writing With Ease 3 with Patrick this week. We made two trips to the library.

Delilah did the Lightunit test for CLE Science 101 and scored 96%.

Patrick worked on chapter 8 in Spanish for Children A and all four of the kids watched Spanish videos at Patrick did chapter 28 in Latin for Children A.

On Wednesday, we went to the kids' homeschool gym & swim class at the North Y.

They can play Catan without a grownup now.

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