Monday, June 7, 2010

Mother's Advocate Videos; Day 5

Today's clip is on avoiding unnecessary interventions. As a doula, part of what I do is to help parents avoid interventions that they don't want. One example of this is keeping a mom who doesn't want an IV hydrated during labor.

One thing she says during the video is to save interventions for when the parents and caregiver think that the benefits of the intervention outweigh the risks. If you are someone who wants to avoid interventions during birth, it's important to carefully choose who you have attending your birth. Ask for actual statistics on how often they do the interventions that you are trying to avoid. Don't just take their word that they only do it "when necessary." I have seen an OB who told a mom during pregnancy that they didn't usually do episiotomies try to talk the mother into one during pushing.

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