Friday, October 22, 2010

Homeschooling Report, Week of 10/22

Over on The Well Trained Mind discussion board, there is a thread where the homeschooling families link to their blogs and post a weekly report. I'm going to try to do ours' more often. So, here is our week:

Mom (Liz)

Started reading Guerilla Marketing by Jay Levinson. It's all about marketing your business without spending money. I've also been reading Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Shanley


Did 4 pages in Math Skills 5 (Harcourt) and 2 lessons from CLE Math 4. Did 7 pages in Math Skills 5 (Harcourt) and 2 pages in Sentences to Paragraphs bk 3. Worked on chapter three in the Spanish for Children A workbook.


Did 4 pages in Singapore Math Practice 1A and 2 lessons in CLE Math 2. Did 10 pages in Math Skills 2.


Did 6 pages in Counting With Numbers. Had speech therapy at the school on Monday and Friday. Worked on speech homework with Mom.


Read chapter 10 in Story of the World I. Watched lesson 3 on Spanish for Children DVD. On Monday, we had an art lesson at our friend Donna's house. All three kids went to the homeschool P.E. class at the Y on Wednesday and Patrick and Delilah had swim lessons at the Y on Thursday. Thursday afternoon, we went to the American Girl book club at the library. All of the kids watched a DVD about writing to communicate. Dad has been reading through the book of Exodus with everyone at bedtime.

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  1. I enjoyed that you included what you were reading and how wonderful that their dad does their bedtime reading!