Friday, October 29, 2010

Is it really Friday already?

Wow. I'm having trouble believing that it's really been five days since I posted about my BirthWorks certification stuff coming in the mail. This week, I wrote two of the essays that I need to do for my certification and talked with my reviewer briefly on the phone. I have one more autobiographical essay to write before I start on writing the book reports, but I have started reading Birth Reborn by Michel Odent and have been carrying it around with me for when I have a free moment.

This week was a really productive week as far as homeschooling goes. Husband Tim is still reading through the book of Exodus with the kids and he's also reading to them from C.S. Lewis' book The Last Battle at bedtime.

In math, Patrick got four lessons done in CLE Math 408 and did two pages in Math Skills 5. Delilah did three lessons in CLE Math 202 and two pages in Singapore's Math Practice 1A. James did a couple of pages in Counting With Numbers. I got a couple of books from the library about adding money, mainly for Delilah, but all of the kids have been interested in them.

Patrick and Delilah have both been working through the Writing Skills workbooks for their grades. James did two pages in Adventures in Reading. On Monday, Patrick and Delilah wrote letters to friends in Baltimore.

For history this week, we read ch. 11 in Story of the World (ancient Africa) and also a couple of library books about Africa and African stories.

Patrick also worked on Latin and Spanish this week.

Patrick, Delilah and James all had their homeschool P.E. class at the Y on Wednesday afternoon. James had his speech theapy at the school on Monday and Friday. We went to the library on Tuesday and Thursday.

Today, the kids voted against doing anything academic because it was the Friday before Halloween. They did still read with Daddy though.

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  1. Congrats on finishing those essays! And a shout out to the bedtime reading daddy. Thanks for sharing your week.