Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you a doula or aspiring midwife looking to learn things?

Have you looked into Gloria Lemay's online Midwifery 101 class?

The classes are Thursday nights at 10pm Eastern time. You can pay for a class at a time as  it fits into your schedule. So far, I've attended the Common Obstetric Problems class and the Prenatal Clinic Visit class. I enojoy Gloria's teaching style (and her accent).

Here are a couple of my notes from the Prenatal Clinic class:

"At beginning of the visit ask mom if she has to pee, offer her a drink. Ask moms how they would rate their own diets, what is important to them about this baby's birth, what would they like to be different or the same from their last birth?"

"A high resting pulse can indicate anemia. Give moms lists of iron rich foods."

"Doing pelvic exams doesn't give useful information about when she's going to have the baby."

I'm signed up for the class on January 6th and looking forward to it.

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