Friday, December 3, 2010

Homeschooling: Week of 11/29-12/3

For Bible this week, the kids have been listening to Tim read through the book of Matthew. Patrick also did one lesson in CLE Bible Elective 1.

In math, James did four pages in Counting With Numbers. Delilah did lessons 8-10 in CLE Math 203 and pages 92-94 in Singapore Math Practice 1A. Patrick finished CLE Math 409 and did lessons 1-4 in CLE Math 410. He also did ch. 9 & 10 in Life of Fred: Fractions. All three of them practiced math on

Patrick measuring the dining room for a math assignment

We had an embarassingly light week in Language Arts. Patrick did one page in Writing Skills 5. Delilah did p. 52-55 in Writing Skills 2 and picked a couple of things to do in First Language Lessons. James practiced the alphabet and made a picture with alphabet stickers to use for practice.

We all went to art class at Miss Donna's house on Monday. On Tuesday, the kids watched "Molly: An American Girl." We've been reading the Molly books for the book club at the Manlius library (which we missed this week because Ben was sick).

James at art class

We've started learning about invertebrates in science and are reading about them in the Usborne Pocket Nature guide.

Patrick did ch. 18 and 19 in Latin for Children A this week.

Patrick, Delilah, James and Ben all went to the homeschool P.E. class at the YMCA on Wednesday. Only Delilah went to swimming Thursday night. The boys didn't want to go, so I let them stay home with Tim.

In Mom-schooling this week, I read Giving Birth: A Journey Into the World of Mothers and Midwives. It was a page-turner, at least for people who are into birth. The author examined the different kinds of midwives (CNM, CPM, CM, DEM) and the different settings in which they serve families. During her research, the author got pregnant and chose to use a midwife she had met while writing the book, so we also get to hear about that relationship. One thing that stood out was her mentioning that many of the midwives she interviewed "knew" that midwifery was the path they wanted to take. Some of them felt like they had always known and for some of them there was a point where they realized that was what they wanted to pursue, but all of them knew that midwifery was calling them somehow. I also read ch. 2 of The Doula Advantage, which covers some of the research on doula care and how having a doula can contribute to a safer, more satisfying birth.

Delilah at art class


  1. You are amazing sisterwife!! I am always inspired by your ability to do all you do !

  2. The photo of James in art is just precious! Good week!

  3. Delilah has such a pretty picture and you sure do an awful lot each week!! Great job

  4. Thank you Adamant Academy. I usually get to the end of the week and feel like I didn't do nearly enough with each child.