Saturday, December 25, 2010

We actually did science this week!

That sounded like a better title than my recent "Homeschooling Week of ..." posts. This week, we did a lot of science. We got a Magic School Bus science kit from Barnes & Noble last week. So this week we've been working on the experiements that came with the kit, in addition to reading library books about the different body systems and watching DVDs about the human body.

Patrick, Ben, James and Delilah in front of the poster that came with our science kit. It's a kid-sized poster of the inside of the body that came with stickers to label different body parts (like the ulna and radius).
The bone from our first experiment. Patrick asked the butcher at Wegman's for some bone, which he was happy to provide. We soaked the bone in vinegar overnight and made observations about what happened. Tim made the point that now if our kids ever become serial killers, they'll know how to dispose of the bodies.

This one is our "ball and socket joint" experiment. We talked about which joints in the body are ball and socket joints and felt how they worked with our ping pong ball/construction paper model.

Another homeschooling event this week was that Patrick's new math books arrived. He's starting Saxon 6/5, which says that it's for your average sixth grader or advanced fifth grader. He did the first two lessons and decided that it's too easy. Here's hoping it gets harder and I don't have to buy something else yet.

Doula stuff has been slow this week, which is probably why we got schoolwork done every day. All I really did was update my availability on and hang out at (if you're a doula, you can register there too). I am "on call" right now to babysit for a doula friend when her client goes into labor and  I have ambitious plans for marketing myself in January.

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