Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting through Labor: Support

So far, we've touched on visualization, moving, warmth and hydration. With the Doula Connection Meet & Greet tonight, I'm going to talk today about labor support.

At my second birth, a friend came to the birth center with us. It was nice having her there, especially to hang out with afterwards. She supported Tim as much as she did me. She even went to our childbirth classes with us. When we had our fourth, the midwife brought two of her students along. They made great doulas. They rubbed my back, made suggestions and even went out and got me a snowball.

During labor, the people with the laboring woman should be the people who make her feel comfortable, encouraged and supported. A thorough reading of Ina May's Spirital Midwifery reveals that the people who should not be around the woman in labor are people who don't trust the birth process, who are nervous or overly worried about the woman or who have to pee.

Luckily for everyone, there are doulas. A doula is there for the whole family during the pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. Doulas can help take care of birth partners by reassuring them that what's happening is normal and by staying with the mom while they go pee. Doulas do a great many other things as well.

Here, Doula Katie talks about the value of labor support:

If you live in Syracuse and need a doula, you can come to Cicero United Methodist Church tonight from 6-8pm to meet the ladies of the Doula Connection.

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