Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Report: Homeschooling Week of 1/24

Judging by our homeschool logbooks, it looks like the kids did a lot of work on Monday and Tuesday and not nearly as much the rest of the week.

We did math four days this week. Patrick did three lessons and one test in Saxon Math 6/5. Delilah finished the CLE Math 204 workbook and scored a 94% on the Lightunit Test. James did two pages in Counting With Numbers and played Zombie Dice.

Patrick and Delilah both did two lessons in their CLE Bible workbooks. I read #14 from Bible Stories to Read to Ben and James.

History was pretty fun. We're on chapter 15 of Story of the World, which focuses on the Phoenecians. On Monday, I read the SOTW chapter to the kids and they did the coloring page (a Phoenecian ship). Then Patrick read chapter 34 in Mystery of History. We watched videos on youtube about glassblowing. Patrick wanted to do the "Make Stinky Dye" project from MOH. Without thinking about how it would make the house smell, I agreed. It took hours to air out the stench. Today, Patrick and Delilah read the library books that we got to go along with the chapter.

In science, we checked on the apples that we mummified last week. The "mummified" one had dried out nicely, while the control group apple looked pretty much the same.

 Tim got the game "Settlers of Catan" for his birthday last weekend and Patrick and Delilah have been learning to play.

For P.E., the kids had their usual Homeschool Gym & Swim class at the North Y on Wednesday.

The Doula Connection met at my house last night. We were able to cover most of our business that we had planned and also spent hours and hours talking about everything else that came up. There are so many different women in our group who know lots about lots of different things and having them over is always a blast.


  1. Do you know we got the Settlers of Catan and we never got through the instructions? It's been sitting on a shelf for a couple years now. Could you come over and teach us how to play it??? LOL! We seem to be too ADD to deal with it on our own.

    We've mummified apples a couple of times. Very satisfying experiment! They get so dry and wrinkly!

  2. There's a great tutorial on their website that we used to learn to play. If you're near Syracuse, we could come over and teach you to play.