Friday, April 22, 2011

Home/Mom-schooling Week

Despite how tired I've been with working nights, I've still managed to get the kids out of the house. Last week, on Monday, we went to this great pond with our friend Donna and her son, followed by ice cream at Gannon's Isle. Gannon's is a local ice cream place here in Syracuse that makes their own ice cream.

Here are the pics of the kids at the pond:

This Monday, we went to the bouncy place at Driver's Village with some other doulas from the Doula Connection and their kids. It was fun for the kids, but incredibly loud and really hard to keep track of everyone.

We managed to make it to the library both this Friday and last. Patrick has been getting into reading the "Goosebumps" books.

Patrick and Delilah have both done most of their homeschooling the past two weeks on I have plans that include writing a review of their program. What I can say about it right now is that it makes me feel like we aren't completely neglecting the homeschooling while I'm spending lots of time working and sleeping weird hours.

This week, I signed up for Karen Strange's Neonatal Resusciation class being held in New York City on May 7th. I ordered the book from amazon and bought my bus ticket. I'm pretty excited about taking another class with Karen (loved her workshop for doulas in Rochester last year). One of the special things about Karen's class is that is focuses on resuscitation for out of hospital providers (i.e.- homebirth midwives).

Tomorrow, I'm mailing off my request for a school handbook from the National Midwifery Institute :)

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