Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time for Working Mother Magazine

After the first half of this week, I think I'm ready to admit to being a "working mom." We're still homeschooling (of course) and I do handle the child-educating, house-cleaning when I'm home, but I'm not here with them all day, every day anymore. Luckily, Tim is a great, hands-on dad and we also have an amazing babysitter for when my work overlaps with his (no, you can't have her number).

I haven't announced it here on the Internet, but last week I started working overnights at Walmart to save up money for midwifery school and also to pad our family savings a little bit.

My week has looked like this so far:

- Sunday night- worked 10pm-7am at Walmart

- Monday- Took James to speech at the school at 9:30am. Ran errands with kids. Went to the Y and worked out a little bit. Did schoolwork with the kids. Slept from about 5-9pm. Worked 10pm-2am at Walmart.

- Tuesday- Went to the Wise Symposium from 9am-6pm. Met lots of people from woman-owned and operated businesses. Networked. Came home and slept for about 2 1/2 hours. Went to work at Walmart at 10pm.

- Wednesday- Got home from work at 7am. Showered, dressed, checked email. Babysitter got here at 9am and I went to Crouse Hospital to interview the Nurse Manager of their L&D unit for my neglected BirthWorks CBE Certification project. Left there around noon. Hung out with the kids and had a friend over to visit until about 3:30. Put on a movie for the kids at 3:45 and went to sleep. Mama in labor called me at 5:10pm and I headed back to Crouse for her beautiful, amazing (and quick) birth. Got to Walmart in time for work at 10pm.

- Thursday- Got home from work at 7am. Just about literally slept the day away. The kids played and watched TV until 3pm when I finally got up because their friends were knocking on the door asking to play. I spent about an hour cleaning the house and we're now about to head out to get ready for tonight's Doula Connection parents' meeting.

Hopefully this weekend will be a quiet one. I have one meeting with a client Saturday evening and one mama due in a couple of weeks who I don't think will have a baby this weekend (but who knows?). I'm looking forward to having some family time and actually seeing my husband.

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