Monday, April 4, 2011

Bestest Vacation Ever

Gail Hart and Jan Tritteden speaking.

Maryl Smith leading us in the song "Renegade Midwives"

The amazing Eugene Saturday market street performers.

"The Wide Sisters" performing!

Sing it with us!

Books :)

My conference stash

Hillarious sign that I kept seeing in Oregon

Best parts (hard not to write an essay here):

- Staying up until 2am talking almost every night

- The mom who said "I felt the power of the universe in my uterus."

- Going to the Eugene Saturday market

- Realizing in the sessions that so much of what is being taught should be common sense

- Ladies' dance night!

- Meeting someone who gave birth to breech twins at home

- Morning Glory, the Pizza Research Institute, Red Agave... all of the tasty food

- The sense of community with people you'd never met before

- Buying myself lots of books; Orgasmic Birth, Survivor Moms, Holistic Midwifery Vol. 1 (Frye), Let Birth Be Born Again

- Meeting a Mennonite sociologist who studies grassroots movements, particularly midwifery

- The "Tricks of the Trade" session where everyone shared their knowledge

- Listening to Gail Hart talk

- Sitting with Elizabeth Davis on the plane from Eugene to San Francisco

Now, of course, I'm already looking forward to next year's conference!

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  1. Its been a pleasure Sister! I have been keeping our memories close as I re~enter my ever so busy life in beautiful Portland Oregon! We are blessed with our shared experience. I left with happy tears in my eyes & heart full, ready for the next stage in this crazy little thing we call LIFE! Love & Blessings in your plans for change! Let us forever share this vision that is 8 miles wide!