Saturday, May 8, 2010


At about 9:00pm, I couldn't take waiting anymore. I had to do it; I had to go see "Babies." Husband Tim wasn't feeling well today, so I couldn't in good conscience leave him with four children while I went to the movies (I considered it though). Once they were all in bed though, I couldn't resist. I checked the times at Carousel Center and found a 9:35 showing.

After rushing there in the rain/snow (yup, it's snowing here), I made it to the theatre in time. They had it in one of their smaller theatres and there weren't many other people there.

Like you would expect, it started out with the births of the babies (only showed one actual birthing) and then followed each child on through infancy and to the beginning of toddlerhood. The movie presented the different cultures in each country represented without judging or making one out to be better than the others. The crews followed a baby in Mongolia, one in Namibia, one in Tokyo and one in the good old U.S. of A. (San Francisco to be exact). Though the cultures in which they are being raised differ greatly, the babies are all pretty similar. They all cry, coo, pee, roll, crawl, explore and put all sorts of things in their mouths that make adults cringe.

Several places I read online said that "Babes" is rated PG for Breast Feeding, but honestly, there's lots of nudity throughout. No naked dads, but plenty of undressed and semi-dressed moms and babies.

I'm glad I went. Babies are cute. They do weird, entertaining things throughout. It reminded me over and over of when my own babies started crawling and babbling. It showed, right up there on the screen, that you can raise children all different sorts of ways, and they'll be all right.

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  1. Glad you made it through the snow and rain to see this. Being a nonjudgmental movie is a good thing. From what you said, it seems like a teaching tool in sharing what different cultures have in common. A great way to break down barriers.