Saturday, May 29, 2010


For my birthday, Husband Tim's mom sent me an amazon gift certificate. Since there are a lot of birthy things I want to buy, I got the MotherTouch DVD.

The movie features massage therapists, doulas and midwives using touch to comfort and guide women through labor and birth. Women on the DVD talk about how touch helped them while they were having their babies. It features both hospital and home births.

It is very peaceful overall, with nice music and women being nurtured by their partners and by other women. For people who are used to mainstream videos and childbirth education, it is probably more "out there" than they're used to, but I think it's nice to see actual natural births.

During one of the births, you see the doctor pulling on the baby's head as it is being born. I heard the chiropractor's voice from Baldwinsville Chiropractic in the back of my head going "The first subluxation often happens at birth." That night, we watched a ten minute video about Birth Trauma and how a rough doctor or nurse pulling on the baby can cause issues with the baby's spine. That was my only complaint, and while the doctor wasn't pulling that hard, I was sitting here going "She could just push the shoulders out, you know!"

I did manage to place an interlibrary loan request for the DVD of "Giving Birth," I'll be reviewing that after it arrives and I get a chance to watch it.

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