Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Little People

I gave birth to all of these people. Sure, you could say that I just wanted to put pictures of my kids on my blog, but look at them. My body made four people, and then managed to get them out without the help of doctors or machines that make beeping noises. Without forceps, vacuums or scissors. Birth really does work. If you're pregnant and checking out my cute children, you can do it too. You can have your baby naturally. You don't have to be some sort of superwoman. Normal people do it every day.


  1. True true!!! Of course, you are a super woman. :) But hey I'm a big wimp and if I can do it so can everyone else.

  2. Unless you're not normal and schedule to be induced and ask for petocin and epidural...turned up...yikes! Ok, I have to confess, one was all naturale...24 hours of hard labor...after that, give me the drugs! :)
    Miss you Liz!

  3. I wrote to you a while back about the thought that I might get preggo with twins since we were going for baby #2, doing infertility treatments again. Well, its twins! (BTW, I see you all the time at the Y...I just know b/c of the doula t-shirt). Have you been a doula for twin moms? I am having major concerns about my OB and which local docs are encouraging for twin vaginal births and I am worried about being railroaded into a c-section this time (but I want to deliver at Crouse)! You can write me at I'll come up to you at the Y! Your kids are beautiful!!!!