Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun Times

We had a lovely day here today. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were singing. For the Syracuse area, that's a big deal. Husband Tim tells me that we are slated to get 68 sunny days a year. For those of us that remember how many days are in a year total, 68 sunny days is not very many. (A year has 365).

In the early afternoon, two of my doula friends came over and we spent a couple hours talking, planning, brainstorming and chasing our children around. At least this time we were smart enough to meet in the backyard so that the two toddlers were out there where we could see them and we didn't have to chase them around the house. I really enjoyed myself and I think that exciting things are going to be happening here in the birth community.

The local Holistic Moms Network had their Moms' Night Out at Alladin's Natural Eatery in Syracuse. Tim watched our kids so that I could go. I got to spend about three hours (or four if you count my carpool buddy) talking about birth, nursing, vaccinations, doula-ing and the other things in all of our lives. I do recommend joining the HMN to new "crunchy" familes, and even those of us with more parenting experience. I was hesitant at first because there is a fee of about $45, but I did end up paying and I don't regret it.

Check them out:

Holistic Moms Network


  1. $45 DOLLARS!!! GOOD GOD, WOMAN!!!


  2. I didn't think you ever read my blog, dear.