Monday, May 31, 2010

Coming Up: A Slower Week

Many of you know that May was a very busy month here for me. With it being International Doula Month, I had several days when I had a table set up at a local business to spread the word about what doulas are and the value of having one. I was also attending the childbirth class at St Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse. I did several prenatal visits, attended a birth and did a postpartum visit for one client. The day after that client's birth, I drove to Rochester for a training with midwife Karen Strange.

Looking at my calender, this week is shaping up to have more time at home and slightly less running around. I have a prenatal visit Tuesday night with my client who is 39 weeks along. I'll probably spend a couple of hours Thursday afternoon taking business cards and flyers around town and making sure local businesses get to see my smiling face again. Another mom in our homeschooling group and I are swapping childcare; I have her kids for a few hours on Tuesday, she has mine for a few hours on Thursday.

Our homeschool lesson plans for this week are all written up and I've reserved the books that we need via the library's website. Hopefully, most of them will come in soon and we'll go get them from the library.

Other than that, I'll be working out at the YMCA and waiting for this mama to go into labor.


  1. You have such a busy schedule, I could never keep up. Really happy for you about your first client for 2011!

  2. when do you go to the Y? We could be workout buddies! :)

  3. We go to the Y pretty much every day. Just give me a call and let me know when you want to go.